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    Shanghai natural gas main pipe network chongming island - changxing island - pudong new area no.5 ditch LNG station pipeline pro
    On April 2, machine group and komatsu (China) investment co., LTD., Shanghai machinery complete equipment (group) co., LTD. Shanghai chongming island for main natural gas network meeting successfully
    Hua hong wuxi project is officially launched.
    With the noise of the pile driver, the sound of fireworks and the applause, on April 3, 2018, the wuxi project of hua hong was officially launched! In the morning, in wuxi city vice mayor, the new dis
    Changzhou metro line 2 tj-06 is the first shield machine to successfully lower the well.
    On April 2nd, the Shanghai municipal construction machinery group co., LTD. Construction of changzhou metro line 2 TJ - 06 hoisting, marking the first shield machine as the sword shield plate, incisio
    This year, the main bridge of changping road bridge in suzhou river was completed at the end of this year.
    Photo: changping road bridge effect picture Shanghai construction machinery shi group for the picture (next) xinmin evening news (reporter qiu yingqiong) suzhou river will build a new bridge this year
    Xujiahui xujiahui air corridor.
    This morning, as the first pillar slowly lifting in place, by the municipal institute of Shanghai construction group and machine group joint construction of xujiahui air smooth KaiDiao nest one phase




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