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    Shanghai machinery construction group co. LTD. Add:Luochuan Road, Zhabei District, No. 701 Tel:8621-56036232 Fax:021-5603822
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    Shanghai Mechanized Construction Corporation Ltd.,(SMCC) established in 1958, is one  of key  companies  of Shanghai Construction(Group) General Corporation. SMCC has made a lot of masterpieces at various stages in the construction history of the Republic since her very beginning in the year of 1950s’. And with decades of efforts on mechanization and modernization in construction, SMCC has fulfilled many famous projects ,such as high-rise steel structures,special public buildings, large industry buildings and facilities,
    metro tunnels,magnetic levitation train lines, deep foundations, overhead crossroads and bridges,etc. SMCC has now become a strong enterprise in China’s modern industry of construction.
    SMCC is entitled to contract in municipal engineering (first grade), foundation works(first grade), steel structure works(first grade), hoisting equipment installation(first grade), building works (first grade), metro traffic works. SMCC has obtained the authentification of Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health and SafetyManagement Systems;SMCC has obtained many honour such as ‘ The Gold Cup  of Project Construction  of Shanghai ’in 2004, ‘The Most Satisfied Construction Company of Shanghai ’ in 2006, ‘The Most Satisfied Construction Company of  Staff ’ in 2006--2007,  ‘National Labour Diploma’ in 2008, etc .
    SMCC will pursue excellent and renovation with powerful capacity  and refined technology for a better future of China’s construction industry.




    Shanghai machinery construction group co. LTD.