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    The youth commando style shows the young eagle flying at the national level.
    Machine group shi hong kong-zhuhai-macao LvJian building projects department youth commando existing players, 13, 1 women, six ShangHaiJi, average age 26 years old, the oldest 33 years old, smallest,
    Gather the youth power communication machine to tell the story.
    Gathering the youth power transmission story | youth echoes.Vol 2017 special edition. On the afternoon of December 27, 2017, The weather is fine... Everything! Construction and management committe
    2017 Shanghai "May 4th red flag youth league branch", the 4th group of the fourth group of visits will be held smoothly.
    2017 Shanghai "May 4th" red flag the youth corps cell creating activities 24 group visits for the fourth time, held in Shanghai construction north cross channel construction smoothly, the exchange of
    North cross channel youth commando.
    With the development of "youth construction work". These five years Youth commandos are in major projects. In the city "urgent, difficult, dangerous, heavy, new" task. Play the role of young peopl
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